I’m Ean Meyer, a professional tennis coach since 1987. Over the years, I’ve worked with every level of player from beginner to professional. Through this blog I hope to share some tips, tactics, and techniques that will help you take your game to the next level.

I came to the game of tennis late and didn’t have access to good teachers. That forced me to become a student of the game, reading just about every book ever written about tennis and watching every video I could get my hands on. You can only take your game so far on your own, so I decided to learn from the best and joined the Nick Bollettieri Tennis Academy in 1989. Fortunately for me, I was there when players like Seles, Agassi, Mary Pierce and Tommy Haas were developing their games at the academy. After leaving the academy I went on to work for Rob Seguso, a former world #1 in doubles, Chris Evert, an 18 time Grand Slam champion, and former # 5 ATP player, Harold Solomon.

During my coaching career, I’ve traveled with numerous ITF level juniors and WTA professionals. Seeing international level players from around the world train and play, I started to realize the importance of “training smart” vs “training hard”. Most players work very hard. Few work smart. Smart players train with a plan. They develop very strong technical and tactical fundamentals from a young age and build a style of play that compliments their physical and mental ability.

My experiences on the road helped me form my coaching philosophy. Teaching great technical and tactical “Fundamentals” is an integral part of that philosophy. I also am a firm believer in footwork and court coverage. In a match between two equal players, the ability to anticipate and cover the court will give one player the edge needed to win the match. This holds true at all levels. To help my players find that edge I have studied the best movers in the world and have been fortunate to work with some of the best movement coaches around.

I love tennis and coaching gives me great satisfaction. Whether I’m coaching a pro working to improve their ranking from 289 to top 50, adults trying to move up from 3.0 to 4.0 within a few months, or an advanced beginner looking to win their first local tournament, I enjoy it all.