Strategy, the Fourth Foundation: You

Just like it’s important for you to understand your opponent’s strengths and weaknesses, you also need to understand your own. Don’t try to do what you’re not capable of doing. If you’re incapable of hitting a power serve, why try it? If your backhand is much weaker than your forehand, run around it. If your movement is suspect, why try to play a running game?

When assessing your limitations there are a few specifics to look for:

  • Do you have confidence in your 2nd Serve?
  • How well can you place your serve?
  • How well do you return crosscourt down the line and down the middle deep?
  • Can you hit the 7 target areas?
  • Can you apply different spins?
  • How well do you move laterally, diagonally and up and down?

One thought on “Strategy, the Fourth Foundation: You

  1. If I stick with tennis (meaning outside life interference, and no lasting injuries from playing), I would enjoy applying this advice. It’s far too early for most of this for me.


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