Mental: 2nd article on the Obstacles to Optimal Performance

Tips for Handling Fear

  • Take a look at fear and ask yourself ” What is the worst that could happen if I followed through on this fear-producing situation?” If you can live with the worst-case scenario, you can go beyond your fear.
  • Vigorous exercise coupled with relaxation or meditation helps to put fear into perspective.
  • Understand that it is impossible for anyone to be thoroughly competent and achieving all the time. Failure is part of the process of living.
  • Patience and persistence will bring you from failure to success in most ventures.
  • Real failure is the unwillingness to take a chance.
  • See failure as an opportunity to learn. How would you do it differently next time?
  • Expectations with regard to outcomes are setups for failure. Establish strong preferences instead.

Myths about Fear

  • Myth 1: If you work hard enough you can avoid failure. Not true. The best of the best couldn’t escape failure, how can you?
  • Myth 2: Failure is worthless. Not true. Failure is a necessary prerequisite for success.
  • Mail 3: Failure is devastating. It is disappointing yes, but generally the feelings that result from setback and failure are exaggerated.

One thought on “Mental: 2nd article on the Obstacles to Optimal Performance

  1. If you are willing to fail I think there is more learning and enjoyment of a sport. Everyone can’t win every contest…..every time!


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